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En donde los que bailan se entregan los corazones

¡ORALE!  It’s officialLa Sala de San Jose Art Center and Lone Piñon String Band have chosen each other as dance partners in a cultural partnership that enhances both our missions and promises to fill La Sala with the authentic strains of traditional Northern New Mexico dance music. 

Flowing full and free like a spring-runoff acequia, the repertoire of Lone Piñon  brings the songs of the past into the present. Truly a band without borders, the Lone Piñon collaborates with elder musicians across state, national, and generational boundaries to bring New Mexico’s traditional music back on the dance floor.

In the early days of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, the Catholic church brought in indigenous musicians, gave them instruments, and taught them to accompany masses.  Returning to their villages, the musicians adapted the newly learned songs and rhythms to their diverse cultural niches of religious ceremonies, community festivals, and, in the case of New Mexico, social dance music.  

From Spanish Colonial music with roots deep into Pre-Colombian Mexico to contemporary Northern New Mexico Rancheras that tell the modern-day story of Reyes Tijerina and the Tierra Amarilla Court House raid, Lone Piñon is instilled with the organic, living, breathing music of the people.

The members of the band played at Lincoln, Kennedy, and American Folklife Centers, and at the Inauguration of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.  And now, as our partner, they will play in La Sala de La Sociedad de San Jose right here in Galisteo where we will dance and surrender our hearts.

Note: Sadly, the May performance of Lone Piñon is cancelled until further notice.   As long as the Corona Virus plays the music, we best sit this one out.

For information and videos: 

www.lonepinon.com or like them on Facebook  

Jan Saunders  March 2020

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