Local Gift Guide!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

For the last minute shopper: check out these beautiful local gifts that will be sure to spread holiday cheer!

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Kristin Eager Killion for KEAGER Design LLC

Consider celebrating with bubbly (or brew?!) this season!

Champagne (and other cap) jewelry collection

Prices range from $55-$100






Deirdre Africa and Heidi Johnson

Button Box Aprons are handmade in New Mexico and are proud to be part of New Mexico True. We’re the mother-daughter duo, Deirdre and Heidi, making and selling aprons for all occasions!

The idea for Button Box Aprons came from a box of buttons that belonged to Deirdre’s aunt. Later, Heidi found a second box of vintage buttons at a rummage sale and it continued to provide inspiration. Nowadays you’ll find aprons with buttons in a variety of colorful shapes and sizes, plus good old rickrack trim.

One of Deirdre’s favorite parts of making aprons is finding the main fabric and matching it with a coordinating ruffle, but the best part is seeing a happy person with their new apron. It's easy to be marvelous in one of our aprons!

There’s an apron to fit every mood. Feeling sassy? Check out our Fierce Like Frida collection. Yearning for wide open spaces? Look to the Home on the Range collection. We have bold and vivid fabric, we have elegant and understated fabric and with such a wide range, why limit yourself to one apron?

Choose from a whole or half apron, and for the fellows, try one of our chef style aprons! For locals, we offer contactless pick up. Buy online and use the code GalisteoPickUp (case sensitive) Be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us when you’re looking marvelous in your new apron!


Julia Cairns

Artwork from top to bottom, left to right:

We are all Connected (from the Zebra Cadebra collection)

Tiny Bird 8x8" watercolor - from the 100 days project

The Spirit of the Cheetah. Written by Khadra Mohammed and Lynn Williams, Illustrated by Julia Cairns, published by World Wisdom press.

Birds Unite pen and ink and watercolor 11"x14"

Long Day Watercolor 12x16"

Julia's work is quite diverse but her inspiration still lies in Africa. Her latest Children's book is set in Somalia and will be coming out in January. The Spirit of the Cheetah will be available on Amazon and ordered via local bookstores.

Julia offers greeting cards depicting Galisteo, African animals and African women. She has a new series called Zebra Cadebra's. See all cards here: https://www.juliacairns.com/page/8458/greeting-cards-5-x-7 They are $16 per pack plus tax.

During the summer, Julia took part in the 100 days project, creating a painting a day for 100 days. These are smaller paintings, in watercolor and pen and ink. Her paintings vary in price, from $100 upwards, depending on size and medium.

Right now there is a sale on Julia's website! 15% off all prints and originals. All her paintings can be made into prints.

Contact Julia for more information:

julia.c.cairns@gmail.com or via her website www.juliacairns.com

James Sloan Paintings

James Sloan

Galistean James Sloan’s Exhibit of Paintings at FOMA Gallery earlier this year was cut short by Coronavirus. Luckily for us, James has just released a catalogue of the exhibition!

It is available directly from the artist at:



Ornaments and Prints

Corey McGillicuddy

Like many photographers I started out as a painter. I will always be a painter, but I have found that photography allows me different documentary opportunities. Over the years I have utilized various visual art mediums: filmmaking, video and drawing as well as painting and photography. Through the process of documenting various subjects comes an awareness of the common threads of spirituality, mysticism, and romance weaving together spectators, event and community. Such has become the real subject of my work.

Loteria Christmas ornaments are $5

Framed black and white prints and hand colored prints range from $50-$600

Small watercolors are also available!


El Pueblo Chico

Lucy Lippard

Pueblo Chico: Land and Lives in Galisteo Since 1814 is just that, a history of the village and immediate surroundings right up to the present, written by a long-time resident and editor of the monthly community newsletter El Puente de Galisteo. Lucy R. Lippard is the author of 24 other books of cultural criticism, local history, place, etc. The book is heavily illustrated with historic and contemporary images. Price is $39.95, available from the Museum of New Mexico Press in Santa Fe or local bookstores like Collected Works.

An Onion in My Pocket

Deborah Madison

An Onion in My Pocket (Knopf) is a memoir about my life with food, especially vegetables. It was suppose to come out in May, then in September, then November and for sure it is out now. I’ve been, via Zoom, to many bookstores, have done podcasts, given talks, and even modeled clothes on behalf of the book. And it would be my particular joy if you, my neighbors would like to read —or listen— to it. I did the recording and it’s available on Audible.

All the bookstores I’ve spoken at, including our own Collected Works, are independent bookstores. They are carrying An Onion In My Pocket and Garcia St. books currently has a few copies as well. Please support them if at all possible.

How to describe this book? I leave that to Betty Fussell, a food historian who writes, “I dare you to cut into any part of this edible me