How We Chose CLIMA

We in Galisteo, live in a small remote corner of the world, yet we like to think BIG and in that spirit, La Sala’s Board of Directors have conceived of ‘CLIMA’ as a theme for our next show of visual art. ‘CLIMA’ was originally meant for the summer of 2020. Obviously, that has changed but that gives us all more time to wrap our minds around the many exciting possibilities the word creates. CLIMA is the Spanish word for weather, climate or atmosphere. It is naturally broad and all-encompassing in it’s meaning. The word stretches itself into areas of human nature, politics, environment, society, culture and economics and I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few other effective interpretations.

We are interested in how artists might wrestle with the idea of CLIMA in their own work and life and we hope that it will generate an ongoing dialogue in both the individual and collective sense.

The plan, now postponed in respect to the ravages and very particular ‘clima’ of Covid-19 until the 2021 season, is to hold 3 separate exhibits. One will be a juried group show with a ‘Call for Entry’ to be announced early in the Spring of 2021. The other 2 will be curated and consist of 3 invited artists each.

This unsettling time of ‘sheltering in place’ and ‘staying safe’ in response to a very universal threat to our individual and collective health, should give us all a reason to reflect on the BIG idea of ‘CLIMA’ in our time.

- Shaun Gilmore

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