Galisteñas: Peggy Diggs

About the artist:

For thirty-something years I've done work about social issues in the US, ranging from domestic violence to reflections on whiteness. This work has tended to operate as outreach, projects that appear in public spaces. I tend to make a body of work through interviewing folks who have expertise in a subject from differing perspectives (e.g., survivors of abuse; perpetrators of abuse; detectives and cops; social workers; prostitutes; people who work in shelters; hotline workers...) This work has taken various forms: milk cartons produced/marketed by Tuscan Dairy in NJ; banners at a facility for formerly homeless women in Chicago; newspaper inserts in Hartford, CT; subway posters in Caracas, Venezuela; bus murals in Winnipeg... For the last few years I've been working on race, principally on whiteness from the perspective of an anti-racist white person. I spent 2 months at the Santa Fe Art Institute a year ago conducting 60 long interviews with white people about their own whiteness, and since then have been grappling with comments/reflections from those interviews rendered in visual work. A number of sewn paper with watercolor pieces have resulted, along with rugs and tablecloths, these latter designed as labeled experiences. These objects I tend to place onto/into contexts that at once physicalize and conceptualize them.

Below is some of Peggy's work that was featured in Galisteñas, see the entire show here and more of her work at

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