Galisteñas: Janice Wall

About the artist:

In the quiet of my studio, disquieting words and images come forth from distant times. Shrinking the distance, the news repeats these same cruelties and inequities in present time. My current work incorporates written principles in our Constitution and reflects on the betrayal of these words.

Making this series required moving away from the wall and beyond the confines of a rectangular substrate. Along with exploring unfamiliar materials, monoprinting takes on a different function. Hundreds of cut paper stencils are used to simply print words. I use the same word stencils to create cut paper constructions.

"Words", "White Lies", "The Falloff" are works deeply rooted in my experiences as a school-age child. Witnessing hurtful actions and racist language were disturbing contradictions to the daily flag pledge, Sunday School lessons, the all-pervasive American idealism, and my own parents' liberal beliefs. Not long after, the outcry of the Civil Rights Movement exposed the hypocrisy. With the passage of civil rights laws, racial injustice would be rectified. Later, it was clear that the injustices had become more subtle and woven into everyday life.

As I write this, the blatant words and images from my childhood are rekindled. The news of the COVID-19 death toll, disproportionate in poor neighborhoods, Ahmed Aubrey shot to death while jogging, the brutal killing of George Floyd - all embodying the betrayal of our Constitution.

Below is some of Janice's work that was featured in Galisteñas, see the entire show here and more of her work at

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