Galisteñas: Caroline Hinkley

About the artist:

Caroline Hinkley is a transdisciplinary academic and artist who holds two MFAs. Over a period of fifteen years, she made multiple treks (pilgrimages) to Tibet, Zanskar, and Ladakh to photograph the remote and sacred landscapes of the Buddhist Himalaya. In 2005 she circumambulated and photographed the most sacred mountain in Tibet, Mt. Kailash, reaching elevations of 19,000ft. Her latest work has emerged from several trips to the Arctic and Iceland, where ideas of ephemerality, loss, and impermanence arise in “searching the subject” of massive glacial movements and colossal forces of ice. She has also been examining “the idea of north” in a winter artist residency in Kronstadt, Russia and as the sole artist presenting at a climate change conference in Norway.

Caroline most recently taught film theory and criticism at the University of New Mexico. As Dean of Naropa College, she designed its initial Freshman Learning Experience program, teaching several interdisciplinary courses. Her teaching experience also includes photography, cultural studies, environmental design, and the contemplative arts.

Below is some of Caroline's work that was featured in Galisteñas, see the entire show here and more of her work at

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