One of the planned lectures for this now canceled season was to be offered by Atherton "Atty" Phleger, Climate Advocates Voces Unidas' program director. 

CAVU, based in Santa Fe, uses visual storytelling and community engagement to support local solutions to the global climate problem. As a nonprofit working across the North American West, CAVU uniquely blends science and personal stories to reconnect people with each other and the planet where they live. "We believe elevating diverse voices is an antidote to prejudice, partisanship, and cynicism when working on environmental and social justice issues."

In conversations with Atty, it became clear that "Addressing both mitigation – causes and contributing factors – and adaptation – effects and impacts – is key to an effective approach to addressing climate change."

"The conversation about climate change has mainly focused on systemic causes and impacts, which can feel insurmountable for all of us and especially for children with little agency to make needed changes." By including adaptation, CAVU is bringing more balance to the conversation and sharing a hopeful view of the future that creates pathways for all of us to engage productively.

Atherton "Atty" Phleger is CAVU's program director and joins the organization from the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, where he served as their New Mexico Tribal liaison. From both this position and his previous roles at a tribal consultancy and nonprofit, Atty brings extensive experience supporting climate adaptation efforts, both those led by sovereign tribal governments and grassroots community organizations. 

We hope to include Atty in our 2021 CLIMA programming, but until then, please visit Climate Advocates Voces Unidas' at

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