La Sala de San Jose, 1938, photo by Ernest Knee

La Sala de San Jose

Built in 1899, La Sala served as a community center and dance hall for the village of Galisteo and surrounding area. One of three built at that time in NM, it is the only one surviving and still offering our community a place to gather, dance, listen to music and lectures, and to witness the visual heritage of northern New Mexico.

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La Sala de San Jose in 2009


Since its primary use by the Sociedad de San Jose, La Sala had been variously used for storage, studios and simply left empty. By 2009 the building was in need of major repairs if it was to be saved.

A group of Galisteans gathered, organized, raised funds and got to the hard work of building new adobe bricks, repairing structurally compromised walls and bringing the building's access up to contemporary standards. 

These few photos and two videos on the next page are but a sample of the efforts contributed by many individuals to resurrect the structure and permit the village to once again use La Sala.


Since 2016 the building has become the home of the Galisteo Arts Center.

renovation  •••  a community effort!

The sweat equity the volunteers offered the renovation project is a testament to the commitment these individuals shared with one another and to the history of the village. Without their vision of what La Sala could become, the building would have been unavailable to future generations.

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La Sala de San José